Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Lulabird website is ready to go live!

Click, click and we're away! Exciting news for us - the lulabird website is finished, is ready to go live and is awaiting it's first online customers. It's taken a few months to perfect but we're really pleased that it's up and running. If you spot any bugs, then please let us know (there shouldn't be any after all of the testing but you never know...)! Go to to check it out.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Retro wallpaper

Lulabird is loving retro wallpaper at the moment! There are a few good sites where you can source original 50s, 60s and 70s paper from - still in the original packaging. And it's not that expensive to buy. Definitely worth jazzing up the lounge with a feature wall. So many cool designs out there...

New LulaOwl design!

Check out the new LulaOwl design - it's been designed so that both kids and adults alike will love the cute owl characters. Twit Twoo! This piece of art will look fab adorning any walls in your house!

Lulabird goes Eco!

Our products are made from a high quality birch plywood. We ensure that the wood has been sourced from sustainable forests and is FSC certified. Our aim is to source, design and deliver products that are as eco-friendly as possible. All of our products are made in the UK, using local companies.

We also manage to make our products look really lovely without using unnecessarily fancy packaging, and we make sure we use recyclable packaging materials too.