Sunday, 14 November 2010

A cute little Lulabird Christmas List

I am no Christmas present buying queen. Oh no, you won't find wrapped presents under my bed until at least the 24th December.

But I have started to think about writing Christmas lists and so, slipping into procrastinating mode, I created these cute little downloadable Christmas Wishlists. Use them to jot down the things you're longing for, or the things your children want (that could be long, I know!). Use them however you wish and for whoever and whatever you wish. But most of all, enjoy!

Now I really had better start writing those lists.

But perhaps I'll have a cup of tea first.

PS. To download, simply click on the image above to open larger image, right click, save the file to your computer and then print. You'll get the best quality print if you use good paper stock and a higher quality print setting.