Saturday, 13 March 2010

Mother's day wishlist

We got to thinking (what with it being mother’s day tomorrow. We’ve pretended to forget but clearly we haven’t and will be expecting a nice big lie in)... if it were acceptable to write a mother’s day list, what would be on it. Mmmm...

Some lovely fabrics to add to the pile. The sweetest we’ve stumbled across recently are these Anna Maria Horner flannels. Okay, so it would probably be turned into something for the children so not a selfless mother’s day request. On to the next one…

An ercol daybed… something pretty similar to this. Pretty hard to wrap up, granted, and pretty hard to come by (although it won’t stop us looking).

So this maybe?

Okay, so perhaps that’s not likely to appear by the bed (along with french toast and a steaming hot latte) tomorrow morning... but who said it had to be realistic?

Such a shame that literacy is still a few years off for our children.

We do love flowers and chocolates too :o)

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