Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter debate: Dining table vs ipad. No contest.

I have eaten from the minute I woke up this morning. Total gluttony on my part... hot cross buns, chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, banana and chocolate cake. I must stop there, it's just too shameful. My boys must think me such a hypocrite having spent the day monitoring their chocolate intake, preaching about the unhealthy side effects of eating too much sugar whilst eating my second (uh hum... fourth) roll of rolos.

So anyway, thought I'd distract myself from the oodles of goodies that are surrounding me by looking on the wonderful world wide web for some delightful things that aren't made of chocolate.

I've had my eye out for a dining table for a while now. Want something round, a bit retro but I'm thinking modern retro rather than vintage. Have looked at a few sale rooms but nothing has come up that's quite right and I like the Ikea stockholm range but I begrudge paying that much for ikea... you know what I mean don't you?? Today, however, I think I found it.... next Easter I plan to eat my hot cross buns off this great table from Graham and Green that is now at the top of my 2010 wishlist.

I'd like that room too... lovely and bright. That's a big ask though I guess.

My husband, however, is mostly obsessing today about the launch of the apple ipad. It's progressed from a healthy passing interest to an 'I'm absolutely, definitely having one' in the past 24 hours. He did just show me a picture of the scrabble game which does look amazing (I'm a word game fiend, that's the geek coming out in me) but I'd rather have something to eat my dinner off.

Dining table or ipad... let the battle commence.

Mmm... rolos or flake??

By Louise

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